Nouns (5)

native, local, non-tourist, nontourist
n. someone who is from a specific region and not there visiting it for pleasure; "I was a nontourist, so I knew where I was going."
n. indigenous plants and animals

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (5)

adj. belonging to one by birth; "my native land"; "one's native language"
adj. characteristic of or existing by virtue of geographic origin; "the native North American sugar maple"; "many native artists studied abroad"
aboriginal, native
adj. characteristic of or relating to people inhabiting a region from the beginning; "native Americans"; "the aboriginal peoples of Australia"
adj. as found in nature in the elemental form; "native copper"

Fuzzynyms (15)

touristry, tourism
n. the business of providing services to tourists; "Tourism is a major business in Bermuda"
n. a native or naturalized member of a state or other political community
n. a man from your own country
n. someone regarded as certain to succeed; "he's a natural for the job"
n. a member of a military force who is residing in a conquered foreign country
barbarian, savage
n. a member of an uncivilized people
visitant, visitor
n. someone who visits
autochthonous, autochthonic, autochthonal, indigenous, endemic
adj. originating where it is found; "the autochthonal fauna of Australia includes the kangaroo"; "autochthonous rocks and people and folktales"; "endemic folkways"; "the Ainu are indigenous to the northernmost islands of Japan"

Synonyms (17)

adj. not corrupted by contact or association; "there is no culture uncontaminated by contact with the outside world"
unpolluted, uncontaminated
adj. free from admixture with noxious elements; clean; "unpolluted streams"; "a contaminated lake"
unclouded, light, clear, clean
adj. (of sound or color) free from anything that dulls or dims; "efforts to obtain a clean bass in orchestral recordings"; "clear laughter like a waterfall"; "clear reds and blues"; "a light lilting voice like a silver bell"
adj. free from impurities; having a high or specified degree of purity; "gold 21 carats fine"
unmixed, unmingled, sheer, plain
adj. not mixed with extraneous elements; "plain water"; "sheer wine"; "not an unmixed blessing"
adj. made pure
adj. not mixed with impurities; "unadulterated maple syrup"
adj. free from admixture; "unalloyed metal"; "unalloyed pleasure"
undefiled, uncorrupted
adj. (of language) not having its purity or excellence debased; "uncorrupted English"; "learn to speak pure English undefiled"- Van Wyck Brooks

Antonyms (13)

outlander, noncitizen, alien, foreigner
n. a person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country
holidaymaker, tourer, tourist
n. someone who travels for pleasure
adoptive, adopted
adj. acquired as your own by free choice; "my adopted state"; "an adoptive country"
strange, foreign
adj. relating to or originating in or characteristic of another place or part of the world; "foreign nations"; "a foreign accent"; "on business in a foreign city"
adj. strikingly strange or unusual; "an exotic hair style"; "protons, neutrons, electrons and all their exotic variants"; "the exotic landscape of a dead planet"
adj. not being or composed of aborigines; "the nonnative population of South Africa"


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