Nouns (9)

momma, mum, mom
n. a casual term of endearment for a female parent; "My mom is the best!"
n. secrecy; "mum's the word"

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (2)

silent, mum
adj. failing to speak or communicate etc when expected to; "the witness remained silent"

Fuzzynyms (9)

unarticulate, inarticulate
adj. without or deprived of the use of speech or words; "inarticulate beasts"; "remained stupidly inarticulate and saying something noncommittal"; "inarticulate with rage"; "an inarticulate cry"
tongueless, wordless, unspoken, mute
adj. expressed without speech; "a mute appeal"; "a silent curse"; "best grief is tongueless"- Emily Dickinson; "the words stopped at her lips unsounded"; "unspoken grief"; "choking exasperation and wordless shame"- Thomas Wolfe
adj. habitually reserved and uncommunicative
untalkative, reticent
adj. temperamentally disinclined to talk

Synonyms (17)

female parent, mother
n. a woman who has given birth to a child (also used as a term of address to your mother); "the mother of three children"
adj. not charged with a bullet; "a blank cartridge"
closelipped, tightlipped, secretive, closemouthed, close
adj. inclined to secrecy or reticence about divulging information; "although they knew her whereabouts her friends kept close about it"
poker-faced, unexpressive, impassive, expressionless, deadpan
adj. deliberately impassive in manner; "deadpan humor"; "his face remained expressionless as the verdict was read"
adj. refusing to bind oneself to a particular course of action or view or the like; "her boyfriend was noncommittal about their future together"
adj. without the means or right to communicate; "a prisoner held incommunicado"; "incommunicado political detainees"
unutterable, unpronounceable
adj. very difficult to pronounce correctly; "an unpronounceable foreign word"; "unutterable consonant clusters"

Antonyms (3)

daddy, papa, dad
n. a male parent, one's father; "Her daddy was her favorite family member."


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