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Adjectives (9)

adj. not able to be found; "missing in action"; "a missing person"
wanting, missing, absent, lacking
adj. nonexistent; "the thumb is absent"; "her appetite was lacking"
missing, nonexistent, wanting, lacking
adj. not existing; "innovation has been sadly lacking"; "character development is missing from the book"

Fuzzynyms (1)

adj. capable of imaginative creation; "fictive talent"

Synonyms (9)

adj. having passed out of existence; "vanished civilizations"
misplaced, mislaid
adj. lost temporarily; as especially put in an unaccustomed or forgotten place; "the mislaid hat turned up eventually"; "misplaced tickets"
wasted, squandered
adj. not used to good advantage; "squandered money cannot be replaced"; "a wasted effort"
adj. unable to find your way; "found the straying sheep"
adj. no longer retained; "gone with the wind"
awol, truant
adj. absent without permission; "truant schoolboys"; "the soldier was AWOL for almost a week"

Antonyms (2)

adj. present in great quantity; "an abundant supply of water"
adj. being or existing in a specified place; "the murderer is present in this room"; "present at the wedding"; "present at the creation"


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