Nouns (10)

native, local, non-tourist, nontourist
n. someone who is from a specific region and not there visiting it for pleasure; "I was a nontourist, so I knew where I was going."
topical anaesthetic, topical anesthetic, local anaesthetic, local anesthetic, local
n. anesthetic that numbs a particular area of the body
n. public transport consisting of a bus or train that stops at all stations or stops; "the local seemed to take forever to get to New York"

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (6)

adj. relating to or applicable to or concerned with the administration of a city or town or district rather than a larger area; "local taxes"; "local authorities"
adj. making all stops on its run: "a local train or bus"
adj. having subordinate authority or serving the needs of a limited district: "the local office"; "local branches of the library"
adj. affecting only a restricted part or area of the body; "local anesthesia"
adj. having a definite spatial form and location: "a local heaven and hell"; "give to airy nothings a local habitation and a name"- Shakespeare
adj. of or belonging to or characteristic of a particular locality or neighborhood; "local customs"; "local schools"; "the local citizens"; "a local point of view"; "local outbreaks of flu"; "a local bus line"

Fuzzynyms (4)

touristry, tourism
n. the business of providing services to tourists; "Tourism is a major business in Bermuda"
visitant, visitor
n. someone who visits

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (9)

limited, express
n. public transport consisting of a fast train or bus that makes only a few scheduled stops; "he caught the express to New York"
holidaymaker, tourer, tourist
n. someone who travels for pleasure
adj. concerned with or applicable to or belonging to an entire nation or country; "the national government"; "national elections"; "of national concern"; "the national highway system"; "national forests"
adj. without unnecessary stops; "an express train"; "an express shipment"
adj. in or near a center or constituting a center; the inner area; "a central position"; "central heating and air conditioning"
adj. affecting the entire body; "a general anesthetic"; "general symptoms"


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