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Adjectives (4)

licit, legitimate, lawful
adj. authorized, sanctioned by, or in accordance with law; "a legitimate government"
adj. sanctioned by custom or morality especially sexual morality; "a wife's licit love"

Fuzzynyms (9)

sanctioned, approved
adj. established by authority; given authoritative approval; "a list of approved candidates"
authorised, authorized, authoritative
adj. sanctioned by established authority; "an authoritative communique"; "the authorized biography"
allowable, permissible
adj. that may be permitted especially as according to rule; "permissible behavior in school"; "a permissible tax deduction"
adj. formally supported especially by public statement
adj. relating to or part of a binding legal agreement; "contractual obligations"

Synonyms (5)

adj. decreed by or proceeding from a court of justice; "a judicial decision"
sanctioned, ratified
adj. formally approved and invested with legal authority
adj. prescribed or authorized by or punishable under a statute; "statutory restrictions"; "a statutory age limit"; "statutory crimes"; "statutory rape"
sub judice
adj. before a judge or court of law; awaiting judicial determination

Antonyms (2)

adj. prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules; "an illegal chess move"
adj. contrary to accepted morality (especially sexual morality) or convention; "an illicit association with his secretary"


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