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Adjectives (9)

adj. conformable to or allowed by law; "lawful methods of dissent"
licit, legitimate, lawful
adj. authorized, sanctioned by, or in accordance with law; "a legitimate government"
rightful, true, lawful
adj. having a legally established claim; "the legitimate heir"; "the true and lawful king"
rule-governed, lawful
adj. according to custom or rule or natural law

Fuzzynyms (39)

sanctioned, approved
adj. established by authority; given authoritative approval; "a list of approved candidates"
right, correct
adj. free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth; "the correct answer"; "the correct version"; "the right answer"; "took the right road"; "the right decision"
correct, right
adj. correct in opinion or judgment; "time proved him right"
adj. marked by strict and particular and complete accordance with fact; "an exact mind"; "an exact copy"; "hit the exact center of the target"
just, fair
adj. free from favoritism or self-interest or bias or deception; conforming with established standards or rules; "a fair referee"; "fair deal"; "on a fair footing"; "a fair fight"; "by fair means or foul"
adj. established by or founded upon law or official or accepted rules
authorised, authorized, authoritative
adj. sanctioned by established authority; "an authoritative communique"; "the authorized biography"
adj. characteristic of or befitting a person in authority; "formal duties"; "an official banquet"
adj. characteristic of or befitting a person in authority; "formal duties"; "an official banquet"
regulated, ordered, orderly
adj. marked by system or regularity or discipline; "a quiet ordered house"; "an orderly universe"; "a well regulated life"
allowable, permissible
adj. that may be permitted especially as according to rule; "permissible behavior in school"; "a permissible tax deduction"
level-headed, sound, levelheaded, intelligent, healthy
adj. exercising or showing good judgment; "healthy scepticism"; "a healthy fear of rattlesnakes"; "the healthy attitude of French laws"; "healthy relations between labor and management"; "an intelligent solution"; "a sound approach to the problem"; "sound advice"; "no sound explanation for his decision"
adj. in conformance with justice or law or morality; "do the right thing and confess"
adj. free from moral defect; "a man of sound character"
adj. formally supported especially by public statement
adj. characterized by order and planning; "the investigation was very systematic"; "a systematic administrator"
adj. well grounded in logic or truth or having legal force; "a valid inference"; "a valid argument"; "a valid contract"
effectual, sound, legal
adj. having legal efficacy or force; "a sound title to the property"
logical, legitimate
adj. based on known statements or events or conditions; "rain was a logical expectation, given the time of year"
well-grounded, sound, reasoned
adj. logically valid; "a sound argument"
adj. relating to or part of a binding legal agreement; "contractual obligations"

Synonyms (25)

authorised, authorized
adj. endowed with authority
adj. decreed by or proceeding from a court of justice; "a judicial decision"
sanctioned, ratified
adj. formally approved and invested with legal authority
adj. prescribed or authorized by or punishable under a statute; "statutory restrictions"; "a statutory age limit"; "statutory crimes"; "statutory rape"
sub judice
adj. before a judge or court of law; awaiting judicial determination
adj. born in wedlock; enjoying full filial rights
left-handed, morganatic
adj. (of marriages) of a marriage between one of royal or noble birth and one of lower rank; valid but with the understanding that the rank of the inferior remains unchanged and offspring do not succeed to titles or property of the superior
day-after-day, day-by-day, day-to-day, daily
adj. of or belonging to or occurring every day; "daily routine"; "a daily paper"
adj. of members of a team; not substitutes
habitual, routine
adj. occurring at fixed times or predictable intervals; "made her routine trip to the store"
adj. ordered well; "well-ordered work habits"
prescribed, official
adj. conforming to set usage, procedure, or discipline; "in prescribed order"
adj. made regular
adj. having similarity in size, shape, and relative position of corresponding parts
adj. regularly spaced in time; "closely timed intervals"
adj. evenly spaced; "at regular (or uniform) intervals"
adj. (used of verbs) having standard (or regular) inflection

Antonyms (6)

adj. contrary to or prohibited by or defiant of law; "unlawful measures"; "unlawful money"; "unlawful hunters"
outlaw, lawless
adj. disobedient to or defiant of law; "lawless bands roaming the plains"
adj. open wide; "left the doors wide-open"
adj. prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules; "an illegal chess move"
adj. prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules; "an illegal chess move"


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