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Adjectives (6)

adj. lacking self-confidence or assurance; "an insecure person lacking mental stability"
unsafe, insecure
adj. lacking in security or safety; "his fortune was increasingly insecure"; "an insecure future"
adj. not firm or firmly fixed; likely to fail or give way; "the hinge is insecure"
unsafe, insecure
adj. not safe from attack

Fuzzynyms (4)

touch-and-go, precarious, perilous, parlous
adj. fraught with danger; "dangerous waters"; "a parlous journey on stormy seas"; "a perilous voyage across the Atlantic in a small boat"; "the precarious life of an undersea diver"; "dangerous surgery followed by a touch-and-go recovery"

Synonyms (13)

open, undefended, undefendable, assailable
adj. not defended or capable of being defended; "an open city"; "open to attack"
adj. vulnerable to danger especially of discredit or suspicion; "she found herself in a compromising situation"
defenceless, defenseless
adj. lacking protection or support; "a defenseless child"
adj. (of flora or fauna) in imminent danger of extinction; "an endangered species"
adj. capable of being penetrated; "penetrable defenses"
adj. (of flora or fauna) likely in the near future to become endangered; "the spotted owl is a threatened species, not yet an endangered one"
under fire, under attack
adj. subjected to enemy attack or censure; "an official under fire for mismanagement"
adj. lacking protection or a guard; "an unguarded gate"; "his unguarded queen was open to attack"

Antonyms (6)

untroubled, unafraid, secure
adj. free from fear or doubt; easy in mind; "he was secure that nothing will be held against him"
adj. free from danger or risk; "secure from harm"; "his fortune was secure"; "made a secure place for himself in his field"
adj. characterized by certainty or security; "a tiny but assured income"; "we can never have completely assured lives"
adj. not likely to fail or give way; "the lock was secure"; "a secure foundation"; "a secure hold on her wrist"


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