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Adjectives (4)

adj. difficult or impossible to perceive or discern; "an indiscernible increase in temperature"
undetectable, insensible, indiscernible
adj. barely able to be perceived; "the transition was almost indiscernible"; "an almost insensible change"

Fuzzynyms (3)

adj. muted or unclear; "veiled sounds"; "the image is veiled or foggy"
unseeable, invisible
adj. impossible or nearly impossible to see; imperceptible by the eye; "the invisible man"; "invisible rays"; "an invisible hinge"; "invisible mending"

Synonyms (4)

adj. not perceptible to the touch; "an impalpable pulse"
incognoscible, incognizable
adj. incapable of being perceived or known
adj. below the threshold of conscious perception

Antonyms (2)

discernable, discernible
adj. perceptible by the senses or intellect; "things happen in the earth and sky with no discernible cause"; "the newspaper reports no discernible progress in the negotiations"; "the skyline is easily discernible even at a distance of several miles"


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