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Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (3)

in hand
adv. under control; "the riots were in hand"
in hand, present
adv. under control; "the riots were in hand"

Adjectives (9)

in hand
adj. accessible at the present time; "waited for supper...glasses in hand"
under control, in hand
adj. accessible at the present time; "waited for supper...glasses in hand"
at issue, in dispute, under consideration, in question, in hand, at hand
adj. now in consideration or under discussion; "regarding the matter in hand"

Fuzzynyms (0)

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Synonyms (29)

adj. present and easily available; "the cash on hand is adequate for current needs"; "emergency police were on hand in case of trouble"; "a visible supply"; "visible resources"
adj. capable of being acquired
adj. (of especially money) immediately available; "he seems to have ample ready money"; "a ready source of cash"
adj. available when required or as promised; "federal funds were not forthcoming"
getable, procurable, obtainable, gettable
adj. capable of being obtained; "savings of up to 50 percent are obtainable"
in stock
adj. available for use or sale; "they have plenty of stonewashed jeans in stock"
adj. without undue constriction as from e.g. tenseness or inhibition; "the clarity and resonance of an open tone"; "her natural and open response"
for sale, purchasable
adj. available for purchase; "purchasable goods"; "many houses in the area are for sale"
useable, usable
adj. convenient for use or disposal; "the house is available after July 1"; "2000 square feet of usable office space"
adj. gotten under control; "the oil spill is contained"
adj. obeying the rules
adj. controlled or ruled by superior authority or power
possessed, obsessed
adj. influenced or controlled by a powerful force such as a strong emotion; "by love possessed"
adj. maintained at a certain atmospheric pressure; "in a pressurized cabin the air pressure is comfortable for breathing"; "cooking with pressurized steam"
adj. having the price regulated or controlled by government
adj. ruled by or oppressed by a priest
adj. strictly controlled
adj. controlled or governed according to rule or principle or law; "well regulated industries"; "houses with regulated temperature"
adj. (used in combination) dominated or obsessed by: "grief-ridden"; "war-ridden"
adj. regulated by a thermostat
adj. capable of being applied; having relevance; "gave applicable examples to support her argument"
adj. relevant and appropriate; "he asks questions that are germane and central to the issue"
adj. having precise or logical relevance to the matter at hand; "a list of articles pertinent to the discussion"; "remarks that were to the point"

Antonyms (2)

beyond control, out of hand
adv. out of control; "the riots got out of hand"


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