Nouns (1)

n. the state of an engine or other mechanism that is idling; "the car engine was running at idle"

Verbs (6)

tick over, idle
v. run disconnected or idle; "the engine is idling"
stagnate, slug, laze, idle
v. be idle; exist in a changeless situation; "The old man sat and stagnated on his porch"; "He slugged in bed all morning"

Adverbs (0)

There are no items for this category

Adjectives (14)

unused, idle
adj. not in active use; "the machinery sat idle during the strike"; "idle hands"
adj. not in action or at work; "an idle laborer"; "idle drifters"; "the idle rich"; "an idle mind"
out of work, jobless, idle
adj. not having a job; "idle carpenters"; "jobless transients"; "many people in the area were out of work"
loose, idle
adj. lacking a sense of restraint or responsibility; "idle talk"; "a loose tongue"
wild, unwarranted, unfounded, idle, groundless, baseless
adj. without a basis in reason or fact; "baseless gossip"; "the allegations proved groundless"; "idle fears"; "unfounded suspicions"; "unwarranted jealousy"

Fuzzynyms (32)

pine away, languish, waste
v. lose vigor, health, or flesh, as through grief; "After her husband died, she just pined away"
wrong, incorrect, faulty
adj. characterized by errors; not agreeing with a model or not following established rules; "he submitted a faulty report"; "an incorrect transcription"; the wrong side of the road"
inactive, dormant
adj. (of e.g. volcanos) not erupting and not extinct ; "a dormant volcano"
adj. (of a word or expression) not agreeing with grammatical principles
adj. containing or characterized by error; "erroneous conclusions"
unlogical, illogical
adj. lacking in correct logical relation
adj. inconsistent with reason or logic or common sense; "the absurd predicament of seeming to argue that virtue is highly desirable but intensely unpleasant"- Walter Lippman
adj. not established; "a reputation as yet unestablished"
unproven, unproved
adj. not proved; "unproved allegations"; "unproved assumptions"
adj. not consistent with or using reason; "irrational fears"; "irrational animals"
adj. not able to be protected against attack
unwarranted, unjustified, undue
adj. lacking justification or authorization; "desire for undue private profit"; "unwarranted limitations of personal freedom"
mentally ill, unstable, unsound
adj. suffering from severe mental illness; "of unsound mind"
adj. designed to deceive; "a suitcase with a false bottom"
adj. "a false start"; "a false alarm"
vacuous, mindless, inane, fatuous, asinine
adj. devoid of intelligence
adj. not bearing the signature of a witness: "an unwitnessed legal document"

Synonyms (17)

shut-down, shut down, closed
adj. with shutters closed
adj. left unplowed and unseeded during a growing season; "fallow farmland"
adj. closed or immobilized by a strike; "a strikebound airline"
pink-slipped, laid-off, fired, dismissed, discharged
adj. having lost your job
undemanding, easy
adj. not demanding; requiring little if any patience or effort or skill; "the pay was adequate and the job undemanding"; "simple undemanding affection"; "an undemanding boss"
single-handed, unbacked, unassisted
adj. unsupported by other people
unsubstantiated, uncorroborated
adj. unsupported by other evidence

Antonyms (4)

v. be operating, running or functioning; "The car is still running--turn it off!"
v. exert oneself by doing mental or physical work for a purpose or out of necessity; "I will work hard to improve my grades"; "she worked hard for better living conditions for the poor"
adj. full of activity or engaged in continuous activity; "an active seaport"; "an active bond market"; "an active account"
adj. actively or fully engaged or occupied; "busy with her work"; "a busy man"; "too busy to eat lunch"


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