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Adjectives (3)

hand-picked, handpicked
adj. someone or something selected with great care and purpose; "A handpicked candidate was selected for the job."
adj. carefully selected; "a hand-picked jury"

Fuzzynyms (7)

special, particular
adj. first and most important; "his special interest is music"; "she gets special (or particular) satisfaction from her volunteer work"
prime, quality, select, prize, choice
adj. of superior grade; "choice wines"; "prime beef"; "prize carnations"; "quality paper"; "select peaches"

Synonyms (8)

adj. preferred above all others; "the chosen few"; "her chosen abode"
adj. selected or named for a duty; "designated hitter"
elite, elect
adj. selected as the best; "an elect circle of artists"; "elite colleges"
selective, exclusive
adj. (selected)
blue-ribbon, select
adj. selected or chosen for special qualifications; "the blue-ribbon event of the season"

Antonyms (2)

hit-or-miss, haphazard
adj. dependent upon or characterized by chance; "a haphazard plan of action"; "his judgment is rather hit-or-miss"


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