Nouns (3)

glowing, glow, radiance
n. the amount of electromagnetic radiation leaving or arriving at a point on a surface

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (3)

glowing, burning
adj. afire: "live coals"
adj. highly enthusiastic; "glowing praise"

Fuzzynyms (9)

flaming, fiery
adj. very intense; "a fiery temper"; "flaming passions"
torrid, perfervid, impassioned, fiery, fervid, fervent, ardent
adj. characterized by intense emotion; "ardent love"; "an ardent lover"; "a fervent desire to change society"; "a fervent admirer"; "fiery oratory"; "an impassioned appeal"; "a torrid love affair"

Synonyms (9)

live, hot
adj. charged or energized with electricity; "a hot wire"; "a live wire"
in play
adj. of a ball; "the ball is still in play"
adj. (used of minerals or stone) in its natural state and place; not mined or quarried; "carved into the living stone";
adj. having a bearing on or connection with the subject at issue; "the scientist corresponds with colleagues in order to learn about matters relevant to her own research"
undischarged, unexploded
adj. still capable of exploding or being fired; "undischarged ammunition"; "an unexploded bomb"
adj. showing warm and heartfelt friendliness; "gave us a cordial reception"; "a hearty welcome"
adj. pleasant and agreeable; "a kindly climate"; "kindly breeze"

Antonyms (0)

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