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Adverbs (1)

adv. in a gingerly manner; "gingerly I raised the edge of the blanket"

Adjectives (1)

adj. with extreme care or delicacy; "they proceeded with gingerly footwork over the jagged stones"; "the issue was handled only in a gingerly way"- W.S.White

Fuzzynyms (5)

adv. with attention; in an attentive manner; "he listened attentively"
adv. in a wary manner; "the sailor watched the sky warily"
guardedly, cautiously, conservatively
adv. in a conservative manner; "we estimated the number of demonstrators conservatively at 200,000."

Synonyms (7)

chary, cagy, cagey
adj. characterized by great caution and wariness; "a cagey avoidance of a definite answer"; "chary of the risks involved"; "a chary investor"
adj. using cautious slow strategy to wear down opposition; avoiding direct confrontation; "a fabian policy"
restrained, guarded
adj. prudent; "guarded optimism"
adj. unnecessarily cautious; "sometimes it doesn't pay to be overcautious in business"

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