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Adjectives (14)

adj. not convertible to cash; "frozen assets"
quick-frozen, flash-frozen, frozen
adj. (used of foods) preserved by freezing sufficiently rapidly to retain flavor and nutritional value; "frozen foods"
adj. turned into ice; affected by freezing or by long and severe cold; "the frozen North"; "frozen pipes"; "children skating on a frozen brook"
wintry, icy, glacial, frozen, frosty, frigid
adj. devoid of warmth and cordiality; expressive of unfriendliness or disdain; "a frigid greeting"; "got a frosty reception"; "a frozen look on their faces"; "a glacial handshake"; "icy stare"; "wintry smile"
stock-still, rooted, frozen
adj. absolutely still; "frozen with horror"; "they stood rooted in astonishment"

Fuzzynyms (11)

adj. not disposed to friendship or friendliness; "an unfriendly coldness of manner"; "an unfriendly action to take"
adj. characterized by enmity or ill will; "a hostile nation"; "a hostile remark"; "hostile actions"
opposing, opponent
adj. characterized by active hostility; "opponent (or opposing) armies"
adj. as cold as ice
adj. held back or restrained or prevented; "in certain conditions previously inhibited conditioned reactions can reappear"
adj. not inclined to society or companionship; "an unsociable nature...shy and reserved"; "generally unsociable except with intimate friends"; "unsociable behavior"; "an unsociable neighborhood"
adj. aloof or indifferent; "was unresponsive to her passionate advances"
adj. psychologically cool and unenthusiastic; unfriendly or unresponsive or showing dislike; "relations were cool and polite"; "a cool reception"; "cool to the idea of higher taxes"
distant, chilly
adj. "relations were cool and polite"

Synonyms (45)

cured, aged
adj. (used of tobacco) aging as a preservative process (`aged' is pronounced as one syllable)
crystalised, glace, crystalized, candied
adj. (used especially of fruits) preserved by coating with or allowing to absorb sugar
tinned, canned
adj. sealed in a can or jar
evaporated, condensed
adj. used of milk: reduced in volume by having moisture expelled before canning
cured, corned
adj. (used especially of meat) cured in brine
adj. (used of hay e.g.) allowed to dry
desiccated, dehydrated, dried
adj. preserved by removing natural moisture; "dried beef"; "dried fruit"; "dehydrated eggs"; "shredded and desiccated coconut meat"
adj. preserved by freezing and drying in a vacuum; "freeze-dried coffee"
freeze-dried, lyophilised, lyophilized
adj. used of tissue or blood or serum or other biological substances; dried by freezing in a high vacuum
adj. (used of foods) preserved in a pickling liquid
adj. preserved in a pot or can or jar; "potted meat"; "potted shrimp"
brine-cured, salt-cured, salted
adj. (used especially of meats) preserved in salt
smoke-dried, smoke-cured, smoked
adj. (used especially of meats and fish) dried and cured by hanging in wood smoke
sun-dried, sundried
adj. dried naturally by the sun; "sun-dried apricots"
passionless, emotionless
adj. unmoved by feeling; "he kept his emotionless objectivity and faith in the cause he served"; "this passionless girl was like an icicle in the sunshine"-Margaret Deland
still, static, motionless, inactive
adj. not in physical motion; "the inertia of an object at rest"
adj. rendered motionless for lack of wind
dead, stagnant
adj. not circulating or flowing; "dead air"; "dead water"; "stagnant water"
unmoving, immobile
adj. (nonmoving)
adj. unable to move or resist motion
adj. not moving and therefore easy to attack; "a sitting target"
adj. flowing with little speed as e.g. at the turning of the tide; "slack water"
adj. not capable of being moved; "stationary machinery"

Antonyms (6)

adj. not frozen; "unfrozen ground"
adj. extended meanings; especially of psychological heat; marked by intensity or vehemence especially of passion or enthusiasm; "a hot temper"; "a hot topic"; "a hot new book"; "a hot love affair"; "a hot argument"
flaming, fiery
adj. very intense; "a fiery temper"; "flaming passions"
adj. having or expressing strong emotions
adj. psychologically warm; friendly and responsive; "a warm greeting"; "a warm personality"; "warm support"


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