Nouns (1)

n. an undeveloped field of study; a topic inviting research and development; "he worked at the frontier of brain science"

Verbs (0)

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Adjectives (1)

adj. on the American frontier: "one of the last real frontier towns"; "hardships of frontier life"

Fuzzynyms (23)

n. border consisting of anything placed on the edge to finish something (such as a fringe on clothing or on a rug)
n. (botany) either of the two parts of a bilabiate corolla or calyx
n. the outside limit of an object or area or surface; a place farthest away from the center of something; "the edge of the leaf is wavy"; "she sat on the edge of the bed"; "the water's edge"
n. adornment consisting of a bunch of cords fastened at one end
n. a bounded scope; "he stayed within the confines of the city"
panorama, vista, scene, prospect, aspect, view
n. the visual percept of a region; "the most desirable feature of the park are the beautiful views"
bounds, bound, boundary
n. the line or plane indicating the limit or extent of something
sensible horizon, visible horizon, apparent horizon, skyline, horizon
n. the line at which the sky and Earth appear to meet
n. a wide and open space or area as of surface or land or sky
n. anything serving to maintain separation by obstructing vision or access
dot, point
n. a very small circular shape; "a row of points"; "draw lines between the dots"

Synonyms (19)

farming, agricultural, agrarian
adj. relating to rural matters; "an agrarian (or agricultural) society"; "farming communities"
agrestic, rustic
adj. characteristic of the fields or country; "agrestic simplicity"; "rustic stone walls"
pastoral, bucolic, arcadian
adj. (used with regard to idealized country life) idyllically rustic; "a country life of arcadian contentment"; "a pleasant bucolic scene"; "charming in its pastoral setting"; "rustic tranquility"
rustic, countryfied, countrified
adj. characteristic of rural life; "countrified clothes"; "rustic awkwardness"
adj. rough and uncouth; "a country boy"
adj. typical of the country; "country-style sausage"; "country music"
cracker-barrel, homespun, folksy
adj. characteristic of country life; "cracker-barrel philosophy"; "folksy humor"; "the air of homespun country boys"
adj. "farm animals"; "a farm hand"
adj. awkwardly simple and provincial; "bumpkinly country boys"; "rustic farmers"; "a hick town"; "the nightlife of Montmartre awed the unsophisticated tourists"
adj. marked by the wearing of heavy boots studded with hobnails; "hobnailed laborers"

Antonyms (0)

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