Nouns (2)

n. a substance that is fluid at room temperature and pressure
n. continuous amorphous matter that tends to flow and to conform to the outline of its container: a liquid or a gas

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (12)

unstable, fluid
adj. subject to change; variable; "a fluid situation fraught with uncertainty"; "everything was unstable following the coup"
liquid, fluid
adj. in cash or easily convertible to cash; "liquid (or fluid) assets"
smooth, liquid, fluid, fluent
adj. smooth and unconstrained in movement; "a long, smooth stride"; "the fluid motion of a cat"; "the liquid grace of a ballerina"
mobile, fluid
adj. affording change (especially in social status); "Britain is not a truly fluid society"; "upwardly mobile"
runny, fluid
adj. characteristic of a fluid; capable of flowing and easily changing shape

Fuzzynyms (1)

adj. lacking spirit or sincere effort; "a thin smile"

Synonyms (56)

adj. capable of being regulated; "adjustable interest rates"
adj. not static or stable
quicksilver, mercurial, fickle, erratic
adj. liable to sudden unpredictable change; "erratic behavior"; "fickle weather"; "mercurial twists of temperament"; "a quicksilver character, cool and willful at one moment, utterly fragile the next"
kaleidoscopical, kaleidoscopic
adj. continually shifting or rapidly changing
adj. liable to change; "an emotionally labile person"
adj. allowing for future changes or revisions; "open-ended agreements"
adj. adept at changing from one thing to another especially changing costumes; "a quick-change artist"
adj. capable of assuming or producing either of two states; "a reversible chemical reaction"; "a reversible cell"
unsettled, variable
adj. "unsettled weather"
adj. tending to vary often or widely; "volatile stocks"; "volatile emotions"
useable, usable, available
adj. convenient for use or disposal; "the house is available after July 1"; "2000 square feet of usable office space"
spendable, expendable
adj. (used of funds) remaining after taxes; "spendable income"
adj. skillful in physical movements; especially of the hands; "a deft waiter"; "deft fingers massaged her face"; "dexterous of hand and inventive of mind"
adj. displaying effortless beauty and simplicity in movement or execution; "an elegant dancer"; "an elegant mathematical solution -- simple and precise"
adj. smooth and unconstrained in movement; "a long, smooth stride"; "the fluid motion of a cat"; "the liquid grace of a ballerina"
adj. graceful and pleasing; "gainly conduct"; "a gainly youth with dark hair and eyes"
willowy, gracile
adj. slender and graceful
lissom, sylphlike, svelte, supple, slender, lithesome, lithe, lissome
adj. moving and bending with ease
adj. moved or conveyed by or through air
adj. relating to or adapted for walking; "an ambulatory corridor"
adj. such that alteration is possible; having a marked tendency to change; "changeable behavior"; "changeable moods"; "changeable prices"
manoeuvrable, maneuverable
adj. capable of maneuvering or changing position; "a highly maneuverable ship"
mechanised, motorized, mechanized
adj. using vehicles; "motorized warfare"
adj. (of spores or microorganisms) capable of movement
transportable, transferrable, transferable, moveable, movable
adj. capable of being moved or conveyed from one place to another
adj. adapted to wandering or roaming
adj. conveyed by sea
adj. capable of being transplanted
adj. able to move freely in all directions; "an owl's versatile toe can move backward and forward"; "an insect's versatile antennae can move up and down or laterally"; "a versatile anther of a flower moves freely in the wind"
adj. transported by water; "waterborne freight"
liquified, liquefied
adj. reduced to a liquid state; "liquefied petroleum gas"
adj. relating to or resembling or consisting of water; "a watery substance"; "a watery color"

Antonyms (1)

adj. lacking grace or skill in manner or movement or performance; "an awkward dancer"; "an awkward gesture"; "too awkward with a needle to make her own clothes"; "his clumsy fingers produced an awkward knot"


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