Nouns (10)

avoirdupois, blubber, fat, fatness
n. excess bodily weight; "she disliked fatness in herself as well as in others"
fatty tissue, adipose tissue, fat
n. a kind of body tissue containing stored fat that serves as a source of energy; it also cushions and insulates vital organs; "fatty tissue protected them from the severe cold"
n. a soft greasy substance occurring in organic tissue and consisting of a mixture of lipids (mostly triglycerides); "pizza has too much fat"
File Allocation Table, FAT
n. The file system used by DOS and 16-bit versions of Windows to manage files stored on hard disks, floppy disks, and other disk media.

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (12)

rounded, fat
adj. a chubby body; "the boy had a rounded face and fat cheeks"
adj. having an (over)abundance of flesh; "he hadn't remembered how fat she was"
fat, fatty
adj. containing or composed of fat; "fatty food"; "fat tissue"
rich, productive, fertile, fat
adj. marked by great fruitfulness; "fertile farmland"; "a fat land"; "a productive vineyard"; "rich soil"
juicy, fat
adj. lucrative; "a juicy contract"; "a nice fat job"
adj. having a relatively large diameter; "a fat rope"

Fuzzynyms (46)

n. anything that remedies or heals or soothes; "he needed a salve for his conscience"
n. soft white semisolid fat obtained by rendering the fatty tissue of the hog
n. hard fat around the kidneys and loins in beef and sheep
lubricating substance, lube, lubricator, lubricant
n. a substance capable of reducing friction by making surfaces smooth or slippery
lubricating oil, grease
n. a thick fatty oil (especially one used to lubricate machinery)
n. obtained from suet and used in making soap, candles and lubricants
rich, plentiful, plenteous, copious, ample
adj. affording an abundant supply; "had ample food for the party"; "copious provisions"; "food is plentiful"; "a plenteous grape harvest"; "a rich supply"
good, full
adj. having the normally expected amount; "gives full measure"; "gives good measure"; "a good mile from here"
freehanded, openhanded, liberal, giving, handsome, bountiful, bounteous, bighearted, big
adj. given or giving freely; "was a big tipper"; "the bounteous goodness of God"; "bountiful compliments"; "a freehanded host"; "a handsome allowance"; "Saturday's child is loving and giving"; "a liberal backer of the arts"; "a munificent gift"; "her fond and openhanded grandfather"
adj. weighing heavily on the spirit; causing anxiety or worry; "weighty problems"
adj. consisting of great mass; containing a great quantity of matter; "Earth is the most massive of the terrestrial planets"
bulb-shaped, bulbous, bulblike
adj. shaped like a bulb
fruitful, profitable
adj. productive of profit; "a profitable enterprise"; "a fruitful meeting"
adj. providing personal satisfaction; "a rewarding career as a paramedic"
circular, round
adj. having a circular shape
spheric, orbicular, ball-shaped, spherical, globular, globose, global
adj. having the shape of a sphere or ball; "a spherical object"; "nearly orbicular in shape"; "little globular houses like mud-wasp nests"- Zane Grey
adj. spherical in shape
replete, full
adj. filled to satisfaction with food or drink; "a full stomach"

Synonyms (28)

adj. having a squat and fleshy build; "a pyknic practical joke"
bacciferous, baccate, berried
adj. producing or bearing berries
plentiful, bountiful
adj. producing in abundance; "the bountiful earth"; "a plentiful year"; "fruitful soil"
reproductive, procreative, generative
adj. producing new life or offspring; "the reproductive potential of a species is its relative capacity to reproduce itself under optimal conditions"; "the reproductive or generative organs"
fertile, prolific
adj. bearing in abundance especially offspring; "flying foxes are extremely prolific"; "a prolific pear tree"
weedy, rank
adj. abounding with or resembling weeds; "a weedy path"; "weedy plants that take over a garden"
adj. characterized by abundance of verdure
adj. guaranteed to bring a profit; "without bankable stars the film script aroused no interest"
paying, paid, gainful
adj. yielding a fair profit
adj. financially rewarding; "it was no longer economic to keep the factory open"; "have to keep prices high enough to make it economic to continue the service"
remunerative, moneymaking, lucrative
adj. producing a sizeable profit; "a remunerative business"
adj. with head or back bent low; "a deep bow"
adj. having a thickness made up of four layers or strands; "four-ply yarns"
adj. made of layers of fabric held together by patterned stitching
adj. made or having become thick; "thickened bronchial arteries"
adj. having a thickness made up of three layers or strands; "three-ply cloth"; "three-ply yarn"
adj. having a thickness made up of two layers or strands

Antonyms (28)

spareness, thinness, leanness
n. the property of having little body fat
chopfallen, deflated, crestfallen, chapfallen
adj. brought low in spirit; "left us fatigued and deflated spiritually"
lean, thin
adj. lacking excess flesh; "you can't be too rich or too thin"; "Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look"-Shakespeare
wasted, skeletal, pinched, haggard, gaunt, emaciated, cadaverous, bony
adj. very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold; "emaciated bony hands"; "a nightmare population of gaunt men and skeletal boys"; "eyes were haggard and cavernous"; "small pinched faces"; "kept life in his wasted frame only by grim concentration"
svelte, slim, slight, slender
adj. being of delicate or slender build; "she was slender as a willow shoot is slender"- Frank Norris; "a slim girl with straight blonde hair"; "watched her slight figure cross the street"
adj. of or relating to or resembling skin
fat-free, fatless, nonfat
adj. without fat or fat solids; "nonfat or fat-free milk"
adj. producing little or no profit or gain; "deposits abandoned by mining companies as unprofitable"
adj. of relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section; "thin wire"; "a thin chiffon blouse"; "a thin book"; "a thin layer of paint"
adj. of relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section; "thin wire"; "a thin chiffon blouse"; "a thin book"; "a thin layer of paint"


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