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Adjectives (3)

spendable, expendable
adj. (used of funds) remaining after taxes; "spendable income"
adj. suitable to be expended

Fuzzynyms (10)

nonessential, incidental
adj. not of prime or central importance; "nonessential to the integral meanings of poetry"- Pubs.MLA
adj. not important; "a relatively unimportant feature of the system"; "the question seems unimportant"
adj. not essential; "the ballet struck me as extraneous and somewhat out of keeping with the rest of the play"
unneeded, unnecessary
adj. not necessary
adj. not absolutely necessary
uncalled-for, needless, gratuitous
adj. unnecessary and unwarranted; "a strikers' tent camp...was burned with needless loss of life"

Synonyms (7)

useable, usable, available
adj. convenient for use or disposal; "the house is available after July 1"; "2000 square feet of usable office space"
liquid, fluid
adj. in cash or easily convertible to cash; "liquid (or fluid) assets"
unessential, inessential
adj. not basic or fundamental

Antonyms (3)

adj. basic and fundamental; "the essential feature"
adj. not suitable to be expended
adj. absolutely required and not to be used up or sacrificed


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