Nouns (4)

epos, heroic poem, epic poem, epic
n. a long narrative poem telling of a hero's deeds

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (2)

epical, epic
adj. constituting or having to do with or suggestive of a literary epic; "epic tradition"

Fuzzynyms (10)

n. a narrative telling the adventures of a hero or a family; originally (12th to 14th centuries) a story of the families that settled Iceland and their descendants but now any prose narrative that resembles such an account
fable, legend
n. a story about mythical or supernatural beings or events
n. a traditional story accepted as history; serves to explain the world view of a people
story, chronicle, account, history
n. a record or narrative description of past events; "a history of France"; "he gave an inaccurate account of the plot to kill the president"; "the story of exposure to lead"
n. a record of events in the order of their occurrence
n. (rhetoric) the second section of an oration in which the facts are set forth

Synonyms (0)

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