Nouns (2)

n. that which is deserved or owed; "give the devil his due"
n. a payment that is due (e.g., as the price of membership); "the society dropped him for non-payment of dues"

Verbs (0)

There are no items for this category

Adverbs (1)

adv. directly or exactly; straight; "went due North"

Adjectives (9)

adj. suitable to or expected in the circumstances; "all due respect"; "due cause to honor them"; "a long due promotion"; "in due course"; "due esteem"; " exercising due care"
adj. suitable to or expected in the circumstances; "all due respect"; "due cause to honor them"; "a long due promotion"; "in due course"; "due esteem"; "exercising due care"
referable, imputable, ascribable, due
adj. capable of being assigned or credited to; "punctuation errors ascribable to careless proofreading"; "the cancellation of the concert was due to the rain"; "the oversight was not imputable to him"
adj. scheduled to arrive; "the train is due in 15 minutes"
deserved, due
adj. properly deserved; "a merited success"

Fuzzynyms (16)

just, fair
adj. free from favoritism or self-interest or bias or deception; conforming with established standards or rules; "a fair referee"; "fair deal"; "on a fair footing"; "a fair fight"; "by fair means or foul"
equitable, just, fair
adj. "honest wages for an honest day's work"
undischarged, owing, outstanding
adj. owed as a debt; "outstanding bills"; "the amount still owed"; "undischarged debts"
comme il faut, seemly, decorous, decent, comely, becoming
adj. according with custom or propriety; "her becoming modesty"; "comely behavior"; "it is not comme il faut for a gentleman to be constantly asking for money"; "a decent burial"; "seemly behavior"
adj. in harmony with the spirit of particular persons or occasion; "We have come to dedicate a portion of that field...It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this"
adj. planned or scheduled for some certain time or times; "the scheduled meeting"; "the scheduled flights had to be cancelled because of snow"

Synonyms (18)

adj. appropriate to; "behavior befitting a father"
called for, in order
adj. marked by system; in good order; "everything is in order"; "his books are always just so"; "things must be exactly so"
adj. exactly suited to the occasion; "a pat reply"
right, proper
adj. appropriate for a condition or purpose or occasion or a person's character, needs; "everything in its proper place"; "the right man for the job"; "she is not suitable for the position"
credited to, credited
adj. "an invention attributable to a Russian"
traceable to
adj. "a failure traceable to lack of energy"
hoped-for, awaited, anticipated
adj. expected hopefully
predicted, foretold, foreseen
adj. known beforehand
adj. expected or depended upon as a natural or logical outcome
adj. firmly believed; "the way things are supposed to be"
adj. fitting or appropriate and deserved; used especially of punishment; "condign censure"

Antonyms (6)

adj. not suitable for a particular occasion etc; "noise seems inappropriate at a time of sadness"; "inappropriate shoes for a walk on the beach"; "put inappropriate pressure on them"
adj. not appropriate or proper (or even legal) in the circumstances; "undue influence"; "I didn't want to show undue excitement"; "accused of using undue force"
adj. not yet payable; "an undue loan"
adj. not deserved or earned; "has an undeserved reputation as a coward"
deficient, insufficient
adj. of a quantity not able to fulfill a need or requirement; "insufficient funds"


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