Nouns (13)

drawing, draught, draft
n. the act of moving a load by drawing or pulling
draught, draft
n. a dose of liquid medicine; "he took a sleeping draft"
draught, draft
n. the depth of a vessel's keel below the surface (especially when loaded)
potation, tipple, draught, draft
n. a serving of drink (usually alcoholic) drawn from a keg; "they served beer on draft"
draught, draft
n. a current of air (usually coming into a chimney or room or vehicle)

Verbs (3)

draught, draft, blueprint
v. make a blueprint of

Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (33)

electric current, current
n. a flow of electricity through a conductor; "the current was measured in amperes"
puff of air, whiff, puff
n. a short light gust of air
immix, merge, combine, meld, coalesce, fuse, commingle, conflate, mix, flux, blend
v. mix together different elements; "The colors blend well"
draw up, compose, frame
v. make up plans or basic details for; "frame a policy"
excogitate, forge, formulate, devise, contrive, invent
v. come up with (an idea, plan, explanation, theory, or principle) after a mental effort; "excogitate a way to measure the speed of light"
prepare, make, ready, fix, cook
v. prepare for eating by applying heat; "Cook me dinner, please"; "can you make me an omelette?"; "fix breakfast for the guests, please"
outline, draft
v. draw up an outline or sketch for something; "draft a speech"
v. lead up to and soften by sounding the dissonant note in it as a consonant note in the preceding chord; "prepare the discord in bar 139"

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (0)

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