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Adjectives (10)

incarnate, embodied, corporate, corporal, bodied
adj. possessing or existing in bodily form; "what seemed corporal melted as breath into the wind"- Shakespeare; "an incarnate spirit"; "`corporate' is an archaic term"
incorporated, corporate
adj. organized and maintained as a legal corporation; "a special agency set up in corporate form"; "an incorporated town"
collective, corporate
adj. done by or characteristic of individuals acting together; "a joint identity"; "the collective mind"; "the corporate good"
adj. of or belonging to a corporation; "corporate rates"; "corporate structure"

Fuzzynyms (6)

adj. forming a whole or aggregate
adj. belonging to or participated in by a community as a whole; public; "for the common good"; "common lands are set aside for use by all members of a community"
adj. applicable to an entire class or group; "is there a generic Asian mind?"
adj. not segregated; designated as available to all races or groups; "integrated schools"
factual, actual
adj. existing in act or fact; "rocks and trees...the actual world"; "actual heroism"; "the actual things that produced the emotion you experienced"

Synonyms (14)

adj. having or relating to a physical material body; "bodily existence"
adj. having a new body
adj. planned in advance; "an arranged marriage"
adj. organized so as to give configuration to; "a magnet is surrounded by a configured field"
adj. having definite and highly organized structure; "a structured environment"
adj. joined in some kind of relationship (as a colleague or ally or companion etc.); "a cabal of associated lawyers"
cooperative, conjunctive, conjunct, concerted
adj. involving the joint activity of two or more; "concerted action"; "the conjunct influence of fire and strong wind"; "the conjunctive focus of political opposition"; "a cooperative effort"; "a united effort"; "joint military activities"
conjoint, conjoined
adj. consisting of two or more associated entities; "the interplay of these conjoined yet opposed factors"; "social order and prosperity, the conjoint aims of government"- J.K.Fairbank
adj. signing jointly with others
adj. sharing equally with another or others

Antonyms (3)

single, individual
adj. being or characteristic of a single thing or person; "individual drops of rain"; "please mark the individual pages"; "they went their individual ways"
adj. independent; not united or joint; "a problem consisting of two separate issues"; "they went their separate ways"; "formed a separate church"


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