Nouns (2)

continuant, continuant consonant
n. consonant articulated by constricting (but not closing) the vocal tract

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (5)

spirant, continuant, fricative, strident, sibilant
adj. of speech sounds produced by forcing air through a constricted passage (as `f', `s', `z', or `th' in both `thin' and `then')

Fuzzynyms (0)

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Synonyms (3)

palatalised, palatalized, palatal
adj. produced with the front of the tongue near or touching the hard palate (as `y') or with the blade of the tongue near the hard palate (as `ch' in `chin' or `j' in `gin')

Antonyms (6)

plosive, occlusive, plosive speech sound, plosive consonant, stop consonant, stop
n. a consonant produced by stopping the flow of air at some point and suddenly releasing it; "his stop consonants are too aspirated"


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