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Adjectives (2)

polluted, contaminated
adj. rendered unwholesome by contaminants and pollution; "had to boil the contaminated water"; "polluted lakes and streams"

Fuzzynyms (20)

unclean, soiled, dirty
adj. soiled or likely to soil with dirt or grime; "dirty unswept sidewalks"; "a child in dirty overalls"; "dirty slums"; "piles of dirty dishes"; "put his dirty feet on the clean sheet"; "wore an unclean shirt"; "mining is a dirty job"; "Cinderella did the dirty work while her sisters preened themselves"
nasty, foul, filthy
adj. disgustingly dirty; filled or smeared with offensive matter; "as filthy as a pigsty"; "a foul pond"; "a nasty pigsty of a room"
impure, unclean
adj. having a physical or moral blemish so as to make impure according to dietary or ceremonial laws; "unclean meat"; "and the unclean to you"-Leviticus 11:3
impure, defiled
adj. having the purity corrupted; made unclean; "the defiled Temple"
adj. treated with contempt; "many desecrated shrines and cemeteries"
vitiated, debased, corrupted
adj. ruined in character or quality
insanitary, unhealthful, unsanitary
adj. not sanitary or healthful; "unsanitary open sewers"; "grim and unsanitary conditions"
adj. unclean and constituting a likely cause of disease; "pathetic dogs kept in small unhygienic cages"
pestiferous, dirty
adj. contaminated with infecting organisms; "dirty wounds"; "obliged to go into infected rooms"- Jane Austen

Synonyms (9)

debased, adulterated, adulterate
adj. mixed with impurities
adj. (used of metals) debased by mixture with an inferior element
bastardised, bastardized
adj. deriving from more than one source or style
adj. used of color
adj. involving or composed of different races; "interracial schools"; "a mixed neighborhood"
adj. not made pure

Antonyms (1)

adj. concerned with theory and data rather than practice; opposed to applied; "pure science"


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