Nouns (1)

n. a member of a Conservative Party

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (10)

materialistic, conservative, bourgeois
adj. conforming to the standards and conventions of the middle class; "a bourgeois mentality"
adj. resistant to change
buttoned-down, button-down, conservative
adj. unimaginatively conventional; "a colorful character in the buttoned-down, dull-grey world of business"- Newsweek
conservative, cautious
adj. avoiding excess; "a conservative estimate"
adj. having social or political views favoring conservatism

Fuzzynyms (22)

washed-out, washy, faded, bleached
adj. having lost freshness or brilliance of color; "sun-bleached deck chairs"; "faded jeans"; "a very pale washed-out blue"; "washy colors"
adj. delicate and pale in color; "pastel pink"
ordinary, average
adj. lacking special distinction, rank, or status; commonly encountered; "average people"; "the ordinary (or common) man in the street"
plebeian, common
adj. of the common people of ancient Rome; "a plebeian magistrate"
unwashed, vulgar, plebeian, common
adj. of or associated with the great masses of people; "the common people in those days suffered greatly"; "behavior that branded him as common"; "his square plebeian nose"; "a vulgar and objectionable person"; "the unwashed masses"
adj. pertaining to time-honored orthodox doctrines; "the simple security of traditional assumptions has vanished"
level-headed, sound, levelheaded, intelligent, healthy
adj. exercising or showing good judgment; "healthy scepticism"; "a healthy fear of rattlesnakes"; "the healthy attitude of French laws"; "healthy relations between labor and management"; "an intelligent solution"; "a sound approach to the problem"; "sound advice"; "no sound explanation for his decision"
adj. not extreme in behavior; "temperate in his habits"; "a temperate response to an insult"; "temperate in his eating and drinking"
restrained, moderate
adj. marked by avoidance of extravagance or extremes; "moderate in his demands"; "restrained in his response"

Synonyms (25)

adj. belonging to the middle class
adj. occupying the lower part of the middle socioeconomic range in a society
adj. occupying the upper part of the middle socioeconomic range in a society
straight, square
adj. rigidly conventional or old-fashioned
unimaginative, stereotypical, stereotypic, stereotyped
adj. lacking spontaneity or originality or individuality; "stereotyped phrases of condolence"; "even his profanity was unimaginative"
medium, intermediate, average
adj. around the middle of a scale of evaluation; "an orange of average size"; "intermediate capacity"; "medium bombers"
fairish, reasonable, fair
adj. not excessive or extreme; "a fairish income"; "reasonable prices"
adj. not excessive
adj. not extreme, especially in political views
small, modest
adj. not large but sufficient in size or amount; "a modest salary"; "modest inflation"; "helped in my own small way"
far-right, reactionist, reactionary
adj. extremely conservative
adj. tending toward the political right
right-wing, rightist
adj. believing in or supporting tenets of the political right

Antonyms (5)

liberalist, progressive, liberal
n. a person who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties
adj. tolerant of change; not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or tradition
adj. beyond a norm in views or actions; "an extreme conservative"; "an extreme liberal"; "extreme views on integration"; "extreme opinions"


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