Nouns (10)

mouse click, click
n. depression of a button on a computer mouse; "a click on the right button for example"
dog, click, detent, pawl
n. a hinged catch that fits into a notch of a ratchet to move a wheel forward or prevent it from moving backward
suction stop, click
n. a stop consonant made by the suction of air into the mouth (as in Bantu)
key click, click
n. audio signal produced by pressing a key

Verbs (15)

clack, click, cluck
v. make a clucking sounds, characteristic of hens
v. produce a click; "Xhosa speakers click"
flick, click, snap
v. cause to make a snapping sound; "snap your fingers"
click, snap
v. move or strike with a noise; "he clicked on the light"; "his arm was snapped forward"
tick, click
v. make a clicking or ticking sound; "The clock ticked away"
click, chatter
v. click repeatedly or uncontrollably; "Chattering teeth"
click on, click
v. to select an item or an object displayed on the screen by clicking on the mouse

Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (9)

blither, blether, smatter, blather, babble
v. to talk foolishly; "The two women babbled and crooned at the baby"
v. pressure or urge someone into an action
brattle, clack, clatter
v. make a rattling sound; "clattering dishes"

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (0)

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