Nouns (1)

n. town in England

Verbs (11)

bury, forget
v. dismiss from the mind; stop remembering; "I tried to bury these unpleasant memories"
v. place in the earth and cover with soil; "They buried the stolen goods"
sink, bury
v. embed deeply; "She sank her fingers into the soft sand"; "He buried his head in her lap"
v. cover from sight; "Afghani women buried under their burkas"
inhume, lay to rest, inter, entomb, bury
v. place in a grave or tomb; "Stalin was buried behind the Kremlin wall on Red Square"; "The pharaohs were entombed in the pyramids"; "My grandfather was laid to rest last Sunday"

Adverbs (0)

There are no items for this category

Adjectives (0)

There are no items for this category

Fuzzynyms (3)

surround, smother
v. envelop completely; "smother the meat in gravy"
v. flow over or cover completely; "The bright light engulfed him completely"

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (5)

think of, remember
v. keep in mind for attention or consideration; "Remember the Alamo"; "Remember to call your mother every day!"; "Think of the starving children in India!"
expose, uncover
v. remove all or part of one's clothes to show one's body; "uncover your belly"; "The man exposed himself in the subway"
v. finish third or better in a horse or dog race; "he bet $2 on number six to show"


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