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Adjectives (5)

exsanguinous, exsanguine, bloodless
adj. destitute of blood or apparently so; "the bloodless carcass of my Hector sold"- John Dryden
adj. free from blood or bloodshed; "bloodless surgery"; "a bloodless coup"
adj. devoid of human emotion or feeling; "charts of bloodless economic indicators"

Fuzzynyms (3)

non-living, nonliving, inanimate
adj. not endowed with life; "the inorganic world is inanimate"; "inanimate objects"

Synonyms (24)

adj. lacking the warmth of life; "cold in his grave"
deathly, deathlike
adj. having the physical appearance of death; "a deathly pallor"
adj. having ceased to exist or live; "the will of a defunct aunt"; "a defunct Indian tribe"
adj. marked for certain death; "the black spot told the old sailor he was doomed"
adj. having died recently; "her late husband"
exanimate, lifeless
adj. deprived of life; no longer living; "a lifeless body"
adj. not having the capacity to support life; "a lifeless planet"
adj. killed unlawfully; "the murdered woman"; "lay a wreath on murdered Lincoln's bier"
adj. killed; `slain' is formal or literary as in "slain warriors"; "a picture of St. George and the slain dragon"
adj. no longer in use; "obsolete words"
adj. (of newborn infant) showing no signs of life at birth; not liveborn; "a stillborn baby"
adj. as lifeless as a stone
anthropoidal, apelike, anthropoid
adj. resembling apes
unhuman, dehumanised, dehumanized
adj. divested of human qualities or attributes
monstrous, unnatural, grotesque
adj. distorted and unnatural in shape or size; abnormal and hideous; "tales of grotesque serpents eight fathoms long that churned the seas"; "twisted into monstrous shapes"
adj. (nonhuman)

Antonyms (3)

alive, animate
adj. having life or vigor or spirit; "an animated and expressive face"; "animated conversation"; "became very animated when he heard the good news"
adj. having or covered with or accompanied by blood; "a bloody nose"; "your scarf is all bloody"; "the effects will be violent and probably bloody"; "a bloody fight"


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