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n. a fundamental emotional and activating principle determining one's character
cheek, face, brass, nerve, boldness
n. impudent aggressiveness; "I couldn't believe her boldness"; "he had the effrontery to question my honesty"
hutzpah, chutzpah, chutzpa
n. (Yiddish) unbelievable gall; insolence; audacity
braveness, bravery, courageousness, courage
n. a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear
spunk, nerve, mettle, heart
n. the courage to carry on; "he kept fighting on pure spunk"; "you haven't got the heart for baseball"
pluckiness, pluck, gutsiness
n. the trait of showing courage and determination in spite of possible loss or injury

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timorousness, timidity
n. fearfulness in venturing into new and unknown places or activities