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Adjectives (9)

committed, attached
adj. associated in an exclusive sexual relationship
adj. (affixed)
adj. used of buildings joined by common sidewalls; "a block of attached houses"
adj. fond and affectionate; "she was very attached to her father"
connected, attached, affiliated
adj. being joined in close association; "affiliated clubs"; "all art schools whether independent or attached to universities"
adj. of a file: accompanying an electronic mail message

Fuzzynyms (8)

adj. joined in some kind of relationship (as a colleague or ally or companion etc.); "a cabal of associated lawyers"
cooperative, conjunctive, conjunct, concerted
adj. involving the joint activity of two or more; "concerted action"; "the conjunct influence of fire and strong wind"; "the conjunctive focus of political opposition"; "a cooperative effort"; "a united effort"; "joint military activities"
confederative, confederate, allied
adj. united in a confederacy or league

Synonyms (47)

adj. affixed as an appendage
adj. attached by its base (as certain anthers to their filaments or stalks)
secured, fastened
adj. firmly closed or secured; "found the gate fastened"; "a fastened seatbelt"
pasted, glued
adj. affixed or as if affixed with glue or paste; "he stayed glued to one spot"; "pieces of pasted paper"
adj. assembled for use; especially by being attached to a support
adj. fastened by pegs; "the pegged-down branches of the plant will take root"
stapled, pinned
adj. fastened with a pin or staple
taped to
adj. (affixed)
conterminous, neighboring, contiguous, adjacent
adj. having a common boundary or edge; abutting; touching; "Rhode Island has two bordering states; Massachusetts and Conncecticut"; "the side of Germany conterminous with France"; "Utah and the contiguous state of Idaho"; "neighboring cities"
adj. joining; forming an adjunct
adj. closely related; "syllable to blessed syllable affined"- Wallace Stevens
adj. syntactically connecting sentences or elements of a sentence; "`and' is a copulative conjunction"
conterminous, contiguous
adj. connecting without a break; within a common boundary; "the 48 conterminous states"; "the contiguous 48 states"
linked, joined, coupled
adj. connected by a link, as railway cars or trailer trucks
adj. having successive letter joined together; "cursive script"
adj. connecting two or more pipes or hoses or having such a connection; "a Y-shaped siamese joint"; "siamese fire-hose lines"
adj. connected by blood or close acquaintance with people of wealth or social position; "a well-connected Edinburgh family"
adj. (connected)
adj. being present (at meeting or event etc.) "attendant members of the congreation"
associated, connected
adj. related to or accompanying; "Christmas and associated festivities"
bound up
adj. closely or inseparably connected or associated with; "his career is bound up with the fortunes of the enterprise"
adj. having the same ancestral language; "cognate languages"
connate, cognate
adj. related in nature; "connate qualities"
correlated, correlate, correlative
adj. mutually related
adj. accompanying; "all rights carry with them corresponding responsibilities"
brother, sister, fellow
adj. being associated as a companion or associate: "fellow traveler"; "brother workers"; "sister ship"
in terms of
adj. regarding or indicated by: "facilities planned and programmed in terms of their interrelationships instead of evolving haphazardly"
in regard to, with reference to, with respect to, in relation to, regarding
adj. connected in some respect: "in relation to your inquiry"

Antonyms (4)

uncommitted, unattached
adj. not associated in an exclusive sexual relationship
adj. used of buildings; standing apart from others; "detached houses"; "a detached garage"
adj. lacking a logical or causal relation


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