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Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (3)

underway, astir, afoot
adv. on foot; walking; "they went to the village afoot"; "quail are hunted either afoot or on horseback"

Adjectives (5)

up, astir
adj. out of bed; "are they astir yet?"; "up by seven each morning"
around, about, astir
adj. on the move; "up and about"; "the whole town was astir over the incident"

Fuzzynyms (0)

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Synonyms (14)

watchful, sleepless, insomniac
adj. experiencing or accompanied by sleeplessness; "insomniac old people"; "insomniac nights"; "lay sleepless all night"; "twenty watchful, weary, tedious nights"- Shakespeare
wide-awake, unsleeping
adj. fully awake; "the unsleeping city"; "so excited she was wide-awake all night"
wakeful, waking
adj. marked by full consciousness or alertness; "worked every moment of my waking hours"
at work
adj. on the job; "had been at work for over an hour before her boss arrived"
occupied, engaged
adj. having ones attention or mind or energy engaged; "she keeps herself fully occupied with volunteer activities"; "deeply engaged in conversation"
tied up
adj. kept occupied or engaged; "she's tied up at the moment and can't see you"; "the phone was tied up for almost an hour"
on the go
adj. (of a person) very busy and active: "always on the go"
adj. too busy
up to
adj. busy or occupied with; "what have you been up to?"; "up to no good"

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