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Adjectives (3)

desiccate, desiccated, arid
adj. lacking vitality or spirit; lifeless; "a technically perfect but arid performance of the sonata"; "a desiccate romance"; "a prissy and emotionless creature...settles into a mold of desiccated snobbery"-C.J.Rolo

Fuzzynyms (15)

adj. having no intellectual or emotional or spiritual excitement; "the production was professional but uninspired"
infertile, unfertile, sterile
adj. incapable of reproducing; "an infertile couple"
adj. free of or using methods to keep free of pathological microorganisms; "a sterile operating area"; "aseptic surgical instruments"; "aseptic surgical techniques"
adj. without offspring; "in some societies a childless woman is rejected by her tribesmen"
waste, wild, godforsaken
adj. located in a dismal or remote area; desolate; "a desert island"; "a godforsaken wilderness crossroads"; "a wild stretch of land"; "waste places"
vain, sleeveless, futile, fruitless, bootless
adj. unproductive of success; "a fruitless search"; "futile years after her artistic peak"; "a sleeveless errand"; "a vain attempt"
adj. having no beneficial use or incapable of functioning usefully; "a kitchen full of useless gadgets"; "she is useless in an emergency"

Synonyms (16)

adj. baked or hardened by exposure to sunlight; not burned; "sunbaked adobe bricks"
adj. without water; especially without water of crystallization
adj. without a trace of moisture
dried-out, desiccated
adj. thoroughly dried out; "old boxes of desiccated Cuban cigars"; "dried-out boards beginning to split"
adj. not still wet; "the ink has dried"; "a face marked with dried tears"
adj. depleted of water; "a dried-up water hole"
shrivelled, dried-up, withered, shriveled, sear, sere
adj. (used especially of vegetation) having lost all moisture; "dried-up grass"; "the desert was edged with sere vegetation"; "shriveled leaves on the unwatered seedlings"; "withered vines"
adj. having or keeping the feet or shoes dry; "a land bridge over which man and beasts could have crossed dry-shod"
adj. lacking rain; "a rainless month"; "rainless skies"
adj. needing moisture; "thirsty fields under a rainless sky"

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