Nouns (3)

abundance, copiousness
n. the quality of being plentiful, abundant, or large in quantity; "The copiousness of the bison was quickly eliminated by overhunting."
n. (chemistry) the ratio of the total mass of an element in the earth's crust to the total mass of the earth's crust; expressed as a percentage or in parts per million

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (37)

stream, flow
n. the act of flowing or streaming; continuous progression
n. flow under pressure
voluminousness, voluminosity, fullness
n. greatness of volume
n. the quality of profuse abundance; "she has a wealth of talent"
nimiety, surplusage, surplus, excess
n. a quantity much larger than is needed
surfeit, oversupply, glut
n. the quality of being so overabundant that prices fall
overplus, embarrassment, superfluity, plethora
n. extreme excess; "an embarrassment of riches"
falls, waterfall
n. a steep descent of the water of a river
n. a great amount or extent; "they did much for humanity"
n. a small mass of soft material; "he used a wad of cotton to wipe the counter"
n. the condition of being filled to capacity
n. an economic state of growth with rising profits and full employment
richness, affluence
n. abundant wealth; "they studied forerunners of richness or poverty"; "the richness all around unsettled him for he had expected to find poverty"
comfort, ease
n. a freedom from financial difficulty that promotes a comfortable state; "a life of luxury and ease"; "he had all the material comforts of this world"
sumptuousness, opulence, luxuriousness, luxury
n. wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living
rich, plentiful, plenteous, copious, ample
n. affording an abundant supply; "had ample food for the party"; "copious provisions"; "food is plentiful"; "a plenteous grape harvest"; "a rich supply"

Synonyms (5)

plenteousness, plentitude, plenitude, plentifulness, plenty
n. a full supply; "there was plenty of food for everyone"

Antonyms (17)

suspiciousness, suspicion
n. being of a suspicious nature; "his suspiciousness destroyed his marriage"
deficiency, inadequacy, insufficiency
n. lack of an adequate quantity or number; "the inadequacy of unemployment benefits"
scarceness, scarcity
n. a small and inadequate amount
scarceness, scarcity
n. a small and inadequate amount
paucity, dearth
n. an insufficient quantity or number
shortage, famine, dearth
n. an acute insufficiency
impoverishment, poorness, poverty
n. the state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions


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