Nouns (0)

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Verbs (2)

remove, absent
v. go away or leave; "He absented himself"

Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (8)

scatty, abstracted, absentminded, absent
adj. lost in thought; showing preoccupation; "an absent stare"; "an absentminded professor"; "the scatty glancing quality of a hyperactive but unfocused intelligence"
wanting, missing, absent, lacking
adj. nonexistent; "the thumb is absent"; "her appetite was lacking"

Fuzzynyms (6)

adj. far removed mentally; "a faraway (or distant) look in her eyes"
vacuous, mindless, inane, fatuous, asinine
adj. devoid of intelligence

Synonyms (13)

distrait, distracted
adj. having the attention diverted especially because of anxiety
woolgathering, moony, dreamy
adj. dreamy in mood or nature; "a woolgathering moment"
yawning, oscitant, drowsy
adj. showing lack of attention or boredom; "the yawning congregation"
oblivious, forgetful
adj. failing to keep in mind; "forgetful of her responsibilities"; "oblivious old age"
unnoticing, unobservant, heedless
adj. (inattentive)

Antonyms (2)

adj. present in great quantity; "an abundant supply of water"
adj. being or existing in a specified place; "the murderer is present in this room"; "present at the wedding"; "present at the creation"


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